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These programs are provided for demonstration purposes only.
Download and run at your own risk!

Special thanks to Barnseyboy who wouldn't let me release any of these tools until I made them look decent and added the features he wanted. If the user interface is ugly its because he didn't help me with that particular application! Some of Barnseyboy's utils are included on this page also. His applications at present, tend to focus around NT network enumeration.

NT Group Enumerator - This app was supplied by barnseyboy. Its written in VB, so you'll probably need the stand VB OCX controls on your machine. This tool allows you to enumerate all visible domains on a network Once you have a list of domains you can then see which NT groups have been defined for that domain, these groups include Administrator, and custom defined groups. Once you select a group, you can then see all the members of that group, and their passwords (no .. only joking). barnseyboy is working on extending this app so any useful additions you would like can be posted to him here.

- Net Send message spoofer - This program will enumerate your windows network and provide a list of computers. It will even attempt to find out who is logged into each one of them. (Very usefull if the computers on your network have names like PC01, PC02...) Finally, you can click on a computer and send it a popup message. The fun part is you get to decide the message appears to be from. This application was developed for and donated to the Open Source Institute (osix.net). You can find source code for the program there. There are more features on the way for this tool so check back soon.(*This won't run on Windows 9x/ME*)

Slap - If your like me you run firewall software that tells you when someone tries to access your system. Sometimes I respond with a few packets of my own just to let them know that I am paying attention. I wrote Slap to make responding to these access attempts easier and more entertaining. Just enter the IP address of the person you wish to slap and click on the Slap button. The program will attempt to access all the ports in the list and send them a packet with a personal message.  (The default message is 'Leave Me Alone!') Slap integrates with Black Ice and Zone Alarm and can use information received from these software firewalls to "Auto Slap" intruders and add their attacks to your list of responses. --Here is a cool Wav file to use with this. (*This won't run on Windows 9x/ME*)

Enabler - I wrote this program because I was curious about manipulating object properties in running applications. Well that's what the program does. You are given a list of all top level windows, you can open the windows and browse the child controls and change their state. I have found many applications have hidden controls. You can save the changes you have made, monitor for the app and have Enabler load the settings automatically or even create an icon to load the manipulated app and adjust the settings. Also, the program allows you to see text obscured by ***** in some password fields. This option may grow into a full blown object editor if time and interest warrants.

WipeOut - WipeOut is a Privacy enhancement, system cleanup and tuning tool that is suited for novices AND power users. WipeOut can Securly wipe free space on the selected drive, Clears cookies, temporary Internet files, file access history from the registry and recent folder and a significant amount of unnecessary registry entries.

Customization features include: Adding additional directories you want to wipe, additional registry keys you want to clear, cookies you want to keep, number of patterns to write to free space and registry entries before clearing, set the thread priority of the free disk space wipe and delete locked files.
(15 day free trial)
Purchase - $19.95

WipeOut Pro - The best possible time to defragment your hard drive is after WipeOut has cleaned your system from uncecessary files and forensic related data. In addition to the features found in WipeOut, WipeOut Pro will cause the system defragmenter to defragment drives you select after it cleans your system. You can also have WipeOut Pro cause your hard drives to be defragmented while your screen saver is running. (15 day trial)
Purchase - $29.95

Click for complete list of WipeOut and WipeOut Pro features

TaskManager - Windows 9x/ME doesn't really have one so I wrote one. Also, the NT Task Manager doesn't let me terminate anything I want. I don't like training wheels on my utilities. I thought it would be a good to know where the file associated with the process is located on the hard drive. TaskManager can also be used to grant additional privledges to other running processes. Finally I wanted to find out how some process are protected from termination (using the windows taskmanager anyway) so as an experiment I protected MY TaskManager so it can't be terminated by the NT Task Manager. (Not really practical I know, just wanted to see if it could be done.) *** Updated to support XP ***

Look4 - This one is NT/W2K only for now. I found myself wasting time at work looking for people who were not in the office. (Calling or walking to their desk...) I also sometimes missed people I wanted to see before they left. Look4 can watch for people to arrive or leave so you can catch them before they get started or before they walk out. You can also use the program to send them network messages. (-- For fun when you send a message you can forge the sender.--) You can search by Computer Name, User Name or IP. It resolves host names as well.

Stop - Stop was written to prove that in reality NT Kernel isn't very good at preventing a process from locking up the system. If your running a single processor system and you run this program IT WILL LOCK UP YOUR COMPUTER. Multi-processor systems just slow down. Oh yea, its cross platform so it will lock your 98/ME systems too.

DiskScann - I wanted to see what my SAM file looked but when I tried to look the file was locked. I did have a backup of it so I looked at that instead. I had some code lying around from a direct sector flash card reader I wrote and decided to modify it to scan my hard drive, find the locked SAM file and dump it to a file I could read. By the time I was done, I could search for data by string, hex, move data between sectors, erase sectors and a bunch of other things. Anyway be careful when making changes to your drives with this!

Shutdown - Wrote this so I could quickly shut down my system when things started acting funny. (Its a windows thing.) Anyway, when you run this it will shut you down fast and without any questions asked. The utility gives itself Debug privileges so it should work with default user permissions.

Reboot - Similar to Shutdown but forces reboot.

Logoff - Similar to Shutdown but forces logoff.

FTP Server - Another anonymous FTP server program. I actually didn't write this one. It was a sample ftp server program that came with a component I downloaded a while back. I just changed it so its invisible when runing on 9X/ME systems when running and under NT/W2K only shows as a process.

PingLog - Some of my clients had intermittent connectivity problems with their ISP. The support guys kept coming out but never found a problem. (Funny how it always worked when they were there.) I wrote this program to create detailed logs of the connectivity problems. Their attitude changed as soon as I sent them the log.

LockFile - This simple program can be used to ->predictably<- corrupt and then repare a file. I use this to add an additional layer of security to password protected zip files and other types of encrypted files. I think its a good idea to use multiple types of protection where possible. Warning: If you corrupt a file more than once you can't fix it. Also if you try to repair a file that wasn't corrupted in the first place, you just messed it up.

Sustain - I had problems with a system service self terminating at random. I wrote this program to monitor and restart it when it died. Through command line parameters you can have it check for any program at any interval and run any program when not found. (Did that make sense?)

I am always working on something so there should be more here soon.

© 2002 Security Software

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01.22.04 - New version of WipeOut released!                                                                           
01.20.03 - Pinglog updated.                                                                           
01.19.03 - Force Reboot & Force Logoff added.                                                                                          
01.16.03 - TaskManager Updated.